Project Descriptions: Crafting Your Story

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Project Descriptions: Crafting Your Story elevates the art of narrative in presenting your artistic projects. This course dissects the essential elements—What, Why, Who, and How—of a compelling project description, creating a resonant link between your artistic identity and your project. By analyzing successful examples and deploying practical, tested strategies, you'll learn to shape project descriptions that resonate deeply with grant reviewers and captivate your intended audiences.

Designed by seasoned artists for the creative mind, this course caters to professionals across the spectrum of creative industries—from performing and visual arts to writing, filmmaking, and design. It focuses on honing your narrative skills to craft clear, persuasive project descriptions that stand out. Through a series of targeted activities and reflections, you'll learn to articulate your vision in a way that bridges your creative intent with the practical expectations of funders, ensuring your projects not only get noticed but also funded.

Whether you're seeking to amplify your grant applications or simply aiming to communicate your projects with greater impact, Project Descriptions: Crafting Your Story provides the tools you need to turn your project narratives into compelling stories that forge meaningful connections.

Who Will Benefit

  • Artists and creatives across disciplines aiming to refine their project proposal skills.
  • Individuals seeking to strengthen the connection between their artistic identity and their project narratives.
  • Anyone in the creative field looking to enhance their grant application success through compelling storytelling.

What You Will Learn

  • Master Project Narratives: Learn to articulate the What, Why, Who, and How of your projects, connecting your artistic identity to your proposals.
  • Craft Compelling Proposals: Develop strategies to create persuasive, memorable project descriptions that resonate with funders and audiences.
  • Reflect and Connect: Enhance your proposals by reflecting on your artistic journey, demonstrating your project's alignment with your career goals and mission.
  • Persuasive Storytelling: Utilize your project description as a powerful argument for your project's value and impact.

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